“Unlimited” Wireless Internet Still Available

rural wireless internetInternet Headquarters has secured a limited number of “grandfathered” Unlimited Wireless Internet Plans from T-Mobile.  We are resellers of T-Mobile services and can make these plans exclusively available to our customers.

Recently, all carriers (T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T) have discontinued the sale of “unlimited” wireless data plans.  All plans are now “usage based” and come with limitations and overage fees.   “The beauty of these plans is that there is absolutely no data transfer restrictions, so if you’re one of those people that relies on their mobile data account to watch Netflix or Amazon Prime, this is a BIG deal, ” said Mark Klapheke, owner and operator of RuralInternetHQ.com, he added, “we were fortunate to secure a limited amount of accounts, that we will activate for new customers coming on board.”

There are currently two plans available, one called “Business Class” and another called “Business Class+”.  The difference is that the lower cost plan does NOT include a static IP, while the “+” does include a static IP.   “This is important for people that work from home and need to get access to secured servers,” added Mark.

For more information on these plans, or to order visit this link.

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