Unlimited Business Class Wireless Plans For Routers

Router Ready Unlimited Data SIMs

Are you having trouble finding Unlimited Data SIMs for your router or mobile hotspot?

iHQ has Unlimited Data SIMs if you are in a fair to excellent service area.  These SIMs are good for anywhere in the continental United States.  This service is perfect to deliver Unlimited Wireless Data to rural areas, farms, boats, and RV’s.

Do you need to a SIM card for your router?

These SIMs are router and hotspots authorized.  They are “grandfathered” for Unlimited Data. They are also Business Class, which means that you get preferential throughput and routing as opposed to Consumer Class plans.

There is a limited amount of these available right now due to the industry-wide shut down on selling Unlimited Data Services for routers and mobile hotspots. These particular plans are subject to a monthly contract.

How Does This Deal Work?

You may order via the website or by phone.  After the order is placed and paid for, we will do the final provisioning and activation of the SIM. Then they are mailed it directly to you by Priority Mail.

More Details:

What are “router and mobile hotspot ready SIMs”?

These are SIMs that are specifically configured to fit and work in your router or mobile hotspot.  With this type of equipment and SIM combination, you can support multiple users at your site. If ordered with equipment, we configure the router or mobile hotspot before they ship out the door, at your request.

We will mail the SIM to you for easy installation. If you are unsure or get stuck trying to get the sim up and running, give us a call. We also offer additional equipment, if necessary, to maximize any wireless cell data connection, such as MIMO antennas and signal boosters.   Talk to one of our technicians before ordering any of these sims or equipment.  We want to make sure that you order the right gear and are in a good signal area.

Latest news regarding Unlimited Wireless Data Plans and our offering:

  • All major carriers stopped offering Unlimited Plans in the past 6 months.
  • Any Unlimited Plans that are available, are through Solution Providers (like Internet Headquarters USA), due to contracts between the Solution Provider and the major carriers.
  • You can not buy Truly Unlimited Data Plans directly from carriers at this point.
  • These are Business-Class plans. They get preferential routing from the carrier.
  • This will only be available for a short time, once we run out, they will be gone.  We are able to reactivate sims from time to time.  So, get yours now.

If you are interested in the current plans available click here.