New Technology in Improving Wireless Data Reception

Low PIM MIMO Antennas

“Low PIM” is the buzzword of this year in wireless infrastructure as the industry decides on the new “standard” RF (radio frequency) connectors and strict design standards for the antenna itself.

PIM stands for Passive Intermodulation (which is similar but not the same as IMD (infinitesimal dipole models) – this is for active components) and is measured in dBs. PIM is defined as the unwanted signal or signals generated by the non-linear mixing of 2 or more frequencies, but what does it really mean to you, the consumer?

High PIM means poor cellular reception and limited bandwidth speed to the end user, which in turn means unhappy customers.

Low PIM means strong signals with more bandwidth for more users, which means happy customers and higher bandwidth speeds.

From a hardware perspective, it means that every connection must be designed to minimize PIM and tested to ensure it is installed properly by matching these critical components.

Typical Low PIM Antenna We Recommend

That is where IHQ is an expert.  Our in-house Electronic Engineers with over 40 years experience in antenna and chipmaking have the background needed to build and test our equipment properly.

For the techies, here are a list of benefits and specs:

Presenting the first to market, 600-2700MHz Ultra-Wideband MIMO 4G LTE outdoor external panel antenna for New 4G AIO Router that covers the LTE Bands B2/B4/B5/B12/ B13/B14/B66/B71 — 3G WCDMA B2/B4/B5, yes you read that right Both Band 12, 66 and 71!

These are all of T-Mobile, as well as Bands for AT&T and Verizon.

Our Low PIM MIMO Antennas outperform all other “Flat Panel” antennas on the market. 

Antenna features 

  1. Ultra-wideband covering 2G/3G/4G/WIFI frequency switches freely when crossing different telecom system, no matter which cellular system or data/internet connection.
  2. High power, up to 20w and Low PIM@2*43dBm will limit the gain lost giving maximum performance and maximum signal.
  3. The latest MIMO technology of LTE systems with transport the signal being faster and more stable
  4. Two connectors @600-960/1710-2700MHZ can help our subscribers connect two different equipment at the same time, with both connectors available for the main frequency. (suggested configuration)
  5. The Low VSWR will increase the signal transport efficiency, plus the small size makes the installation simple and easy to install.

Antenna specification

Product name

MIMO Dual polarization
LTE panel antenna

Model No.


Frequency range-MHz

Bandwidth -MHz



Horizontal Beam width-°

Vertical Beam width-°


Input Impedance -Ω

+-45 degrees

LOW PIM(@2×43dBm)
<= -150

Maximum input power -W



Dimensions -mm