Business Class Cellular Wireless for Routers

Business Class Cellular Wireless Plans for Routers 

Are you having trouble finding Unlimited Data SIMs for your router or hotspot?

iHQ has them if you are in a T-Mobile service area. They are good for anywhere in the continental United States. Perfect to deliver Unlimited Wireless Data to rural areas, farms, boats, and RV’s.

These are router and hotspot authorized SIMs from T-Mobile. They are grandfathered in for the Business Class @work Unlimited Data Plan, until further notice. Since they are Business Class this means is that you get preferential throughput and routing speeds, as opposed to Consumer Class plans.

There is a limited amount of these available right now, due to the industry-wide cancellation of unlimited plans for routers and hotspots. These plans are not subject to an annual contract. You order, via the web or phone call, and get a router or hotspot from us, we will configure the equipment and mail the complete package out to you ASAP.

Image of Unlimited T-Mobile Sim Card
Unlimited SIM for Router

What are “router/hotspot ready SIMs”?

These are SIMs that are specifically configured by the carrier to fit into your router or hotspot so that you can support multiple users at your site.

We can also, mail the triple cut SIM to you for easy self-installation.

If you are confused or get stuck trying to get it up and running, give us a call.  As stated, we offer the necessary equipment to maximize any wireless cellular data connection, such as specialty MIMO antennas and certified signal boosters.

Latest news regarding Unlimited Wireless Data Plans and our offering:

  • All major carriers stopped offering Unlimited Plans in the past three months.
  • Any Unlimited Data Plans that are available are only through second-party resellers (like Internet Headquarters USA), due to existing contracts between the vendor and the major carriers.  No one can beat our pricing.  Make sure you compare apples to apples.  Some vendors will sell you a SIM without the true @work Business Plan with the International add-on.  This International add-on, allows roaming to Mexico and Canada.  (if you stay out of the continental US for more than three months, you will subject to losing the plan)
  • You can get what is called Unlimited Data Plans from some carriers, but they will throttle or simply cut you off at 15 GB or 20 to 22 GB of data.  Read the fine print.
  • These are true Business-Class Plans. They get preferential routing from the carrier.
  • The plans we are offering are through T-Mobile. You can order them from us to take advantage of this offer.  If anyone else tells you, they have these plans, ask for everything in writing with a signed contract and the SOC Codes.  This way, when it does not work as they said it would, you have recourse and can report them to the carrier.
  • Our offer will only be available for a limited time; once we run out of the SIMs, no more unlimited plans will be available until further notice.